30+ лет опыта.

Мы в индустрии права больше 30 лет.

Квалифицированные и опытные Адвокаты.

Наша команда состоит из бывших сотрудников аппарата суда и органов надзора, адвокатов с многолетним и уникальным опытом ведения дел в судах.

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Адвокаты нашей коллегии – это команда высококвалифицированных профессионалов, чей более чем 30 летний опыт работы в судебной системе позволяет решать даже самые сложные правовые споры. Многолетний опыт работы судьями, прокурорами и в корпоративной сфере позволяет нам наиболее эффективно помогать гражданам.



Our attorneys are committed to you and will work vigorously to obtain the best possible recovery in your case.


At the our law Firm, you do not have to go through a call screen. You will get to speak to an attorney directly, preferably the one who will be handling your case.


Your attorney will address any problems quickly and respect your time by promptly replying to your inquiries.


Our attorneys are experienced and can handle any type of injury case for you.

Консультации по наиболее сложным юридическим вопросам.

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We Treat Every Case Equally With Same Attention and Dedication Because Every Client Matters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do i have a case?

The answer of this question depends upon situation to situation. The best answer can only be achieved once you contact one of attorney who will guide you.

Do hiring you guarantee results?

The short answer to this question is No. Every case is different and prior results although show very high success rate but it still doesn't guarantee the same outcome.

What is your consultation fees?

The consultation is absolutely free. Yes you have read it right absolutely free. Once you hire us for your case we only charge then.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover multiple areas mainly involving Family Law, Child Law, Emergency Law and Business Law. The complete list of all the practice areas can be found on this website.

What is attorney customer relationship?

The initial consultation doesn't include Attorney Customer relationship. Only once you hire us then the attorney customer relationship is built.

Do you screen all the information you get?

At lawyero we treat privacy very strictly. All the information that you provide is confidential and wont be leaked under any circumstances.

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